At EHS, no matter which service you choose, our standard is a negotiated contract. Clients rely on our ability to follow through with the itemized plan and maximize quality while remaining in budget. We use a design-build approach, which allows for all matters to be completed by one company. We hire experienced architects who we have a standing relationship with, which leads to precision, accuracy and faster delivery times. We also have a recognizable advantage over other companies in that we provide sustainable construction for our clients who would like to build green. Our team follows all regulations for programs, including LEED and Energy Star, among others.


Once the design has been completed and building permits are secured, the project is ready to begin. Our team bids out the project to subcontractors, looking for the highest quality with the lowest cost. Once selected, we meet with each subcontractor to discuss the project outline and to be sure that all quality and safety standards will be met. Each subcontractor is clear on their role and agrees to following a specific timeline. We also have regular owner meetings to confirm that the project is moving forward as planned. We provide up-front cost estimates and a schedule analysis to our clients as well.


Throughout the building phase, we schedule regular check-ins to monitor the project. We continue to have review meetings with subcontractors, our team, and as owners. We perform a detailed coordination of documents to check for any code and construction issues and ensure that all necessary inspections are ongoing. Our personnel continually work to understand the expectations and needs and follow the plan to get the project from concept to closing. We hold all team members accountable throughout the process.

Project Completion

At the conclusion of the project, we do a final walk through to observe and confirm that everything resembles what was laid out in the contract. We check in with the client to guarantee that they are satisfied and that all expectations have been met. We ensure that all final inspections are complete and that the building is in full functioning condition to be open to the public.