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EHS Maryland is a local woman owned business committed to serving the community and breaking the glass ceiling that at times almost seems tempered for women in such a male dominated field. As we strive for greatness within the business, we also strive for employee greatness and growth. We are an equal opportunity business where everyone is welcome. We advocate and make our name for equal rights and advancements known both publicly and within the shop and strive to show our clients and team that anyone can do anything. From offering to let young women interested in the field intern with us, to sponsoring woman owned programs within construction to help inspire such growth, EHS puts its actions and money where its mouth is.

As our company continues to grow and expand, we make a deliberate effort to continuously improve our strategy’s as well as making sure every employee succeeds. Which is why we are now offering classes to build social and economic development to each of our employees, because when the teams mind expands so does the company. In addition, every EHS employee will be trained and certified in CPR, as we believe safety is most important. To ensure every employee is on the same page we have reviews every 6 months which allows them to express ways that we can improve and what does not need changed. EHS believes that by listening to each employees’ comments and concerns we are able to improve our overall quality of work .

Nina Zunt, owner of EHS had a passion for construction after growing up watching her father in the field. After the hard work she put into learning all there is to know about the field, she officially opened EHS Maryland LLC in 2015. Starting out EHS was a small homebased office but thanks to Ninas dedication and perseverance she was able to open our first official office location in Baltimore.

EHS Maryland LLC is a WBE/SBE/MBE/SBR certified contractor that has been in the commercial and government contracting construction industry for 7 years. Currently, they hold two main headquarters, one in Maryland and one in Hawaii. They have about 17 employees on payroll and pride themselves about doing a majority of their work with in house employees rather than subbing out. EHS Maryland LLC holds a residential construction license in MD, DC, VA, & HI, and a commercial construction license in MD, DC, VA, FL, & HI. EHS Maryland LLC also holds a Master electrician’s license in MD/VA with the possibility of reciprocity in other states.

EHS Maryland has done a vast number of commercial projects including big franchise names. They prefer to do franchise work as the material and plans are always consistent, and there are limited amounts of changes or discoveries. EHS Maryland has built over 12 of the franchise “I Love”, 4 of the franchise “Sweet Frog”, 3 of the franchise “CVS pharmacy”, 9 of the franchise “Woodforest Bank”, as well as done work for big names such as Walmart stores (3 of them). EHS has experience with other restaurant industry build outs such as the Mexican restaurant El Azteca (both locations in Maryland) as well as Papi’s Tacos (the Towson MD location). EHS Maryland has also done over 5 million dollars’ worth of renovations to the military communications contractor Frequentis USA over the last 3 years and did military build outs for both the DOD and NAVFAQ in both Annapolis and Waianae. EHS Maryland has completed 7 different dermatology and plastic surgery centers over the USA (TN, MD, VA, GA, FL) and worked with specialty radiation medical experts to install specialized spec’d lead drywall and other specialized installs.

With a plethora of experience in different departments within the commercial world, EHS has a wide variety of skillsets and has grown to both manage and complete commercial builds and renovations both in a deft and quick timeframe.

After the business began to do well, Nina decided it was time to give back to our community by opening a non-profit organization known as EHS community affairs. This allows us to connect with our community and other small businesses on a personal level and really be able to give back to the community in which we are located and work. Once a month, we host at least one event for the community that is completely free to donate school supplies, childrens clothes, celebrate a holiday, food donation, etc. We are proud of what we are becoming and are happy to share our growth with those supporting us!

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