EHS Maryland did an amazing job building our iLoveKickboxing.com studio in Linthicum Maryland!  Our project included complete demolition of the existing site down to the cement.  EHS needed to build the demising wall, plumbing and electric system and of course all the interior finished walls ILKB-branded decorations.  In short, it was a big job and EHS did it perfectly!  The total project cost was significantly less than other competing quotes and the work was completed on-time and exactly on budget! Thank you Petr and Nina Zunt for doing a great job and helping us launch our new business!

— Scott and Jennifer Grams

I own a row home in Baltimore city and just had my roof done this past weekend, almost 9 square total over 4 roofs, it took them less than 2 days to complete. The outside temp was about 80F, the silver/black roof was showing a reading of over 150F, then once the last treatment was applied it went instantly down to 89F, and the roof was most likely still radiating heat from before. What a difference, we could feel it right away on Monday, now the third floor doesn’t need an extra window AC unit at last. My garage roof was filled with cracks and used to leak constantly, the treatment with mesh, gel, silicone coat took care of this, on top of that my garage isn’t an oven anymore. Thanks EHS for the good work. I totally recommend this company.


My home is 5 years old. As soon as we bought it, the roof started leaking. We have had multiple repairs and despite that, every year, we have leakage. This year was the worst as we had significant leaks on the top of the floor in multiple spots. Additionally the top floor is where our bedroom is located and we had to turn up the ac because it gets so hot in the summer. Whereas, the second floor is too cold. We had Ecologic home solution redo our roof with a new silicone based product which is great. After our repair, it has rained several times and we haven’t experienced any leaks. We have also noticed a significant difference in the temperature. We haven’t had to turn on our AC yet this year!


“Hiring EHS Maryland was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They had some really creative ideas for our office build out space, and gave our requirements careful consideration, but took the design much further than we ever thought possible, without going over our budget.”


Thank you for the amazing job on my roof – what a difference in the afternoon sun, it’s so much cooler on the top floor already! Fantastic service and product, I highly recommend it!

— KIM M.