Month: March 2022

Woman Owned Contracting Company

EHS Maryland is a local contracting company committed to providing optimal energy saving. Nina’s passion for construction and custom work lead to opening EHS Maryland. EHS Maryland is a full-service general contractor and construction manager offering building, remodeling and home improvement services. EHS prides itself on attention to detail and a sustainable material guarantee.

Realizing the absolute need and lack of women in the industry, Nina has made it her mission to actively seek other women in the trades to take on board. As owner, she makes it her duty to fight for equality from both clients and others in the trade. Because of the terrible stereotyping and biases, she has also made it her mission to eliminate subcontracting from her realm of contracting. EHS is proud to say that they have a master in each trade in house, so they can try and cut out the unknown variables and uncertainties of working with strangers. Unlike other companies, EHS offers their employees full time work and benefits, really looking to give both team members and clients security to focus on what’s important…the project at hand! Nina enjoys pleasing people because at the end of the day, the customer’s satisfaction is what the job is all about. Nina is licensed in the field and appreciates sharing her expertise with every client. TEHS has an experienced and dedicated team of employees who are knowledgeable about building regulations and are committed to providing high quality work.

At EHS, no matter which service you choose, the standard is a negotiated contract. Clients rely on the company’s ability to follow through with the itemized plan and maximize quality while remaining in budget. A design-build approach allows for all matters to be completed by one company. EHS hires experienced architects with whom there is a long standing relationship and that leads to precision, accuracy and faster delivery times. Building green is the main advantage over other companies. The team follows all regulations for programs, including LEED and Energy Star, among others. Not only do they work in the community, but they work for the community. They offer several outreach programs for minorities, women, and young adults to better themselves, receive equal rights and training in the construction world. When you hire EHS, you aren’t just getting a skill set or a price, you are getting passion for the project.


Published in The Baltimore Business Journal on Aug. 6th, 2021